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EPFL develops algorithm to rate scenic landscapes

Swissinfo 15 Oct 2021
Researchers behind an algorithm to measure how scenic a region is say it could have benefits for environmental and conservation efforts ... This algorithm then appraised some 9 million Flickr pictures.

Machine-learning system accelerates discovery of new materials for 3D printing

Phys Dot Org 15 Oct 2021
In the system the researchers developed, an optimization algorithm performs much of the trial-and-error discovery process. A material developer selects a few ingredients, inputs details on their chemical compositions into the algorithm, and defines the mechanical properties the new material should have.

ITMO Scientists Create Algorithm to Analyze Bacterial Genome

Technology Org 15 Oct 2021
ITMO scientists have developed an algorithm for deep analysis of bacterial genomes ... The PaReBrick algorithm developed by bioinformatics specialists from ITMO University and researchers from the Institute of Science and Technology (IST Austria) allows to automatically identify parallel adaptation events in bacterial populations.

PathAI Announces Strategic Partnership with Roche to Enable Development and Distribution of Digital Pathology Diagnostics

Daily Times Chronicle 15 Oct 2021
... image analysis algorithms ... The collaboration will initially involve distribution of PathAI-developed research-use-only (RUO) algorithms through NAVIFY Digital Pathology, the cloud version of Roche's uPath enterprise software, focusing on immuno-oncology in multiple cancer types.

Applied BioMath, LLC Announces Collaboration with BYOMass™ for Systems Pharmacology Modeling in Oncology

Daily Times Chronicle 15 Oct 2021
Their approach employs proprietary algorithms and software that were designed specifically for systems pharmacology model development, simulation, and analysis ... Their approach employs proprietary algorithms and software to support groups worldwide in decision-making from early research through clinical trials.

The data economy: How AI helps us understand and utilize our data

Venture Beat 15 Oct 2021
Data fuels AI, and AI helps us to understand the data available to us ... Bias ... Bias in data and AI comes into play when humans train an AI algorithm or interpret data ... Understanding and eliminating our bias are essential to ensuring a neutral algorithm and system ... Having a diverse and inclusive team when developing algorithms and systems is essential.

IIITH tech balm for ruralhealthcare lying in sickbed

The Times of India 15 Oct 2021
Hyderabad ... He said that the centre has already developed an app, which is ready to be used in a cancer screening bus ... The centre has also developed an app for a medical drive for another NGO CARE India ... For Grace Cancer Foundation, we are developing an oral cancer algorithm,” he said. Start a Conversation. .

China is not the AI juggernaut the West fears

Taipei Times 15 Oct 2021
On paper, the US and China appear neck and neck in AI development ... In technical assessments conducted by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology, Chinese algorithms consistently rate near the top across a series of tests that are akin to surveillance conditions — mug shots, visa photographs and border control images.

Seeq Expands Machine Learning Support to Democratize Data Science Innovation

Ellensburg Daily Record 14 Oct 2021
For example, this week Seeq will publish two Seeq Add-ons to GitHub, including algorithms and workflows, for correlation and clustering analytics, which users can modify and improve based on their needs.Customer-developed algorithms in Seeq Data Lab—or machine learning operations ...

Spice AI wants to help developers build smarter applications

Crunch 14 Oct 2021
Spice AI, a Seattle-based startup that aims to make it significantly easier for developers to leverage AI in their applications, today announced that it has raised a $1 million seed funding round ... The idea here is that developers can specify what the algorithm should optimize itself for.

Zepp Health banks on new smartwatches for growth

China Daily 14 Oct 2021
... its investment into its research and development, sales and marketing efforts ... "It is vital that vendors invest in next-generation health sensors and developing in-house algorithms and solutions to not only track vital biomarkers, but also to ensure good accuracy and reliability.

eCapture™ Launches Smallest Form Factor 3D Stereo Depth Sensing Camera for Robotics and Object Tracking

Automation World 14 Oct 2021
eCapture, a brand focused on developing technology for the growing computer vision market, today is introducing the smallest form factor stereoscopic 3D depth sensing camera ... Synchronized frame data from both cameras allows development of SLAM algorithms.

FormFree applauds Fannie Mae's positive rent payment history enhancement to Desktop Underwriter as major advancement ...

Johnson City Press 14 Oct 2021
ATHENS, Ga., Oct ... The feature, which went into effect September 18, is designed to expand sustainable homeownership — particularly for renters with limited credit history ... "In the years since, we've independently developed and honed algorithms that can isolate rent payments in direct-source checking account data with great veracity ... About FormFree®.

Technion and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital bring pediatrics to the future

The Jerusalem Post 14 Oct 2021
Yet it’s very difficult to diagnose ... Among other things, his lab at the Technion developed unique algorithms to remotely monitor patients for COVID-19 symptoms ... As requests for proposals go out, officials expect possible areas of collaboration to grow, including such areas as development of stents and other biomedical devices ... .

FormFree applauds new Fannie Mae positive rent payment history enhancement to Desktop Underwriter as major ...

Rocky Mount Telegram 14 Oct 2021
Consideration of 12-month rent payment history is automatic for mortgage lenders using FormFree's AccountChek with DU. ATHENS, Ga., Oct ... “In the years since, we’ve independently developed and honed algorithms that can isolate rent payments in direct-source checking account data with great veracity ... About FormFree® ... To date, thousands of U.S ... Twitter.